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Along the Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail

Approaching the Glaciers

Crow’s Foot Glacier – Take 2

Crow’s Foot Glacier

Far Side of Lake Louise

Glacial Ice

Glacial Runoff at the Weeping Wall

Glacial Runoff – Take 3

Glacier Covering Valley

Glacier on Mountain Peak

Glacier on Mountaintop

Glacier Runoff

Glaciers and Sky – Take 2

Glaciers and Sky

Glaciers at Lake Louise – Take 3

Glaciers at Lake Louise – Take 2

Glaciers at Lake Louise

Glacial Runoff

Glacial Wall

Glaciers from the Plain of Six Glaciers – Take 2

Glaciers from the Plain of Six Glaciers

Glaciers on Lake Louise

High in the Lake Louise Glacier Range

Intrepid Hiker with Glaciers

Jackson Glacier – Take 4

Jackson Glacier – Take 3

Jackson Glacier – Take 2

Jackson Glacier

Less Than Intrepid Hiker on Snowfield at Lake Louise

Morraine at Lake Louise

Morraine Deposit Near Plain of Six Glaciers

Intrepid Hiker and Glaciers

Among the Glaciers

Mountains Along Six Glaciers Trail

Among the Glaciers